Get Involved in the Good Fight

Air pollution has been an issue since the industrial revolution came to be, and although great for a thriving economy, it has been not so beneficial to the environment. Air is an important factor in the preservation of life because any existence of life cannot live without it. There has consequentially been adverse effects on the health of all living things because of poor air quality that originated from air pollution. The contributing factors in society that cause air pollution range from transportation, tobacco, and hazardous waste fumes, but it is not limited to those factors alone. Air pollution has contributed to many diseases and ailments. It is of the upmost importance to regulate the air for the survival of mankind. There are state and federal regulations set in place to control the quality of air.

The air quality control department is a government agency known as the environment protection agency also abbreviated as EPA. Moreover, they oversee monitoring air pollution with various strategies with the intent to reduce the air pollution. Locations for the EPA headquarter is in Washington, DC. They are also located regionally in each state across America. One very strict regulation set in place is for motor vehicles with the emissions test. This is for gauging the amount of exhaust fumes being emitted into the air by one vehicle. If it is over a certain percentage the vehicle may be deemed unsafe to drive because of its threat to environment safety.

Environments with hazardous fumes are very dangerous to those who are continually exposed to them. Therefore, taking precautionary measures to ensure that everyone’s safety is a priority, businesses and other organization with hazardous environments usually have used catalytic and thermal oxidizers or some type of filtration tool in their air treatment machines. Hazardous fumes can cause potential illness and even death. With an air filtration and treatment system there is a certain percentage of VOC an abbreviation for volatile organic compound that is processed through an air treatment machine to filter the air for safer use. They can be considered as excessive measures, but very necessary for the health and safety to all exposed.

Technology has advanced rapidly within the last century and with that evolution has come the side effects of pollution; moreover, it is much higher than it has ever been before which will render mankind helpless to its environment if things are not subject for change. Ordinary people can play a pivotal role in contributions to air quality for the betterment of the environment and society on a whole. With that being said, it would be of urgency to any living being that possess the ability to make a difference in the fight against air pollution to join in the fight. Air is a vital part of life and we must take heed to the signs of a toxic environment, or it could result in consequences of detriment. While doing so, could ensure a brighter future for those to come.